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Aikido Kids


Aikido Kids Test Requirements

( )* = Hours required after attaining previous kyu rank

10-9th Kyu (24)*
Seiza, Zarei, Ritsurei, Hanmi, Fune Kogi, Tenkan, Zempo Kaiten Ukemi, Koho Kaiten Ukemmi, Tie belt in 20 seconds or less, Say Dojo Commands out loud

8th Kyu (24)*
All Previous Techniques, PLUS:
Shiho Undo Happo Undo
Shikko Shomen Uchi
Yokomen Uchi Munetsuki
Katate Tori

7th Kyu (30)*
All Previous Techniques, PLUS:
Shomen Uchi Ikkyo (omote & ura) Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage
Kokyu Dosa

6th Kyu (30)*
All Previous Techniques, PLUS:
Munetsuki Kotegaeshi Shomen Uchi Kotegaeshi

5th Kyu (40)*
All Previous Techniques, PLUS:
Katate Tori Kokyu Nage Katate Tori Kaiten Nage
Katate Tori Shiho Nage (omote & ura) Ryote Tori Tenchi Nage (omote & ura)
Suwari Waza Shomen Uchi Ikkyo Kokyu Dosa

4th Kyu (40)*
All Previous Techniques, PLUS:
Yokomen Uchi Irimi Nage Yokomen Uchi Shiho Nage (omote & ura)
Yokomen Uchi Kotegaeshi

3rd Kyu (60)*
All Previous Techniques, PLUS:
Ryote Tori Shiho Nage (omote & ura) Ryote Tori Kokyu Nage (omote & ura)
Ryote Tori Ikkyo (omote & ura) Ushir Ryote Tori Irimi Nage
Ushir Ryote Tori Kotegaeshi Suwari Waza Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage
Kokyu Dosa

2nd Kyu (60)*
All Previous Techniques, PLUS:
Ushiro Ryote Shiho Nage (omote & ura) Ushiro Ryote Kokyu Nage
Suwari Waza Munetsuki Kotegaeshi

1st Kyu (80)*
All Previous Techniques, PLUS:
Shomen Uchi - 3 different techniques Yokomen Uchi - 3 Different techniques
Katate Tori - 3 different techniques Ushiro Ryote Tori - 3 different techniques
Suwari Waza - Shomen Uchi - 2 techniques Kokyu Dosa

Written test may be given for 4th grader and above.

KYU RANK Examination Procedures

Promotion testing at WAAI dojos is conducted by the Chief Instructor or by the Head Instructor of the Aikido Kids at the local dojo.

When processing your application, you shall have accumulated the required class hours for the specific rank grade to be tested since your previous test (or from the date of enrollment). Your annual fees and monthly dues shall be current before submitting your application.

Kyu rank grade test application forms shall be completed and submitted with the appropriate test certificate fee to the dojo, and received no later than one week prior to the test date.

The test certificate fee is paid directly to the local dojo, and cannot be returned if the student fails the test or does not attend on the day of the examination.

The test applicant shall demonstrate to the best of your ability with proper Aikido spirit, your knowledge and the physical proficiency of your required techniques.

When the Chief Instructor or Examiner calls your name, promptly reply then follow the protocol to begin your test. Follow the given directions appropriately and demonstrate by performing the techniques continuously on both sides until called to stop. Demonstrate your ability to adapt your required technique movements with your partner(s). Demonstrate your required techniques with enthusiasm, concentration, and awareness at all times during your test. Your conduct of cooperation with the Chief Instructor, judging staff, partner(s), and all other participants shall be demonstrated with high respect.

The test applicant shall be responsible, upon notice of promotion, to attend the promotion certificate presentation ceremony. The promoted applicant shall be responsible to the duties vested at the bestowed rank grade.